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Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagles • View topic - Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagles

NESTI (Norfolk Eagle Support Team International)
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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 4:04 am 
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Civil Twilight: 6:11 AM EST 6:23 PM EST

02:45 Got up to check the cam, DT laying in the nest faci ng around 2 oclock, sleeping, head down. According to mod chat, DT laid down in the nest bowl at 01:48 after doing more preening and doing nestoration
02:51 She stands, turns toward the back and shakes her feathers. She then backs up out of the bowl, preens around breast area then looks toward the left.
02:53 She backs up around 4 oclock, looks up then walks toward the back looking out at the love branch and flies up to perch there, her white tail showing. Back to bed for me
05:07 DT still perched on the love branch. Dad has not shown up yet
05:38 Darn ad. After refreshing find Dad already on the nest refreshin the nest bowl. He then turns toward the front to do more cleaning. He turns back to the nest bowl area, a little fixing then settles facing the front
05:52 Dad stands, turns toward the back and re-snuggles back down on the nest. DT awake, looking around and doing more preening around her breast area
06:04 Dad rises and moves to stand in front of the love branch. Both vocalizing, having their morning conversation. He then moves back to the nest and does more cleaning and refreshing before he settles back in facing 9 oclock
06:09 Dad rises again and does more nest cleaning and refreshing
06:11 He walks to the back and DT and he have another conversation. Dad then flies out to the love branch
06:12 He hops on the branch in front of DT, takes a couple of steps closer to her and it looks like a morning kiss before she turns slightly to the right. Dad mounts her for an early morning nookie session the hops back down on her right side. The cam pretty washed out so not sure if possible to get more detail into the video clip...probably won't even try but....

Okay...I was able to enhance the mating video a hair ... just click

06:13 DT turns toward the right followed by dad. He then flies back down into the nest. Not much detail left in the cam view but we can see dad doing more cleaning and refreshing getting his home ready for hopefully an soon coming offspring
06:17 Cam almost completely white now
06:19 Cam completely white. Sure hope the cam isn't damaged by too much light getting in. Just consider the cam down even though the time does jump every once in a while
06:25 Yeah cam back, DT in the nest laying down...dad gone. Cam time way off though...about 15 minutes. WIll put updates based on cam time
Night cam turned off
06:28 DT up and doing more cleaning
[b]06:29 Just as DT settles down in the nest again, dad returns from the lumber yard with another stick and as he lands the end of the stick lays across her back. As he picks it up to move it across the nest, DT stands and helps dad adjust wall sticks

Video clip of dad, DT and sticks ... just click

06:30 Some playing with the cam again. Night cam back on, bright now getting darker
06:31 Night cam turned back off, came looking good again
06:32 Both standing at the front looking out. DT climbs the nest wall then backs down and moves toward the left. She looks around and flies off. Dad stands, walks to the left, hops on the branch the follows her
06:44 Sun glowing on the nest tree...so beautiful
06:46 Refreshing cam and finding that the time is getting closer to the right timeo7:02
07:02 After several refreshes the cam time is correct now with real time..yeah
08:00 Nest still empty, eagles out enjoying themselve. The wind has picked also
08:10 Dad returns to the nest. A little nestoration. Zoomer moves in closer
08:11 Dad leaves out the right side
08:13 Dad returns, looks around the nest then walks to the right side and gone again
09:49 Dad returns with what looks like nest grass. He looks around then lays down facing 6 oclock
09:52 He rises and turns toward the left and looks out not moving
09:55 He lays down facing around 10 oclock
[b10:05[/b] Dad up doing another nest fluff. He lays down facing the front
10:12 Dad stands and again faces the left
10:14 Dad moves out to the front branch then a minute later he flies off toward the left
11:34 Dad return, checks the nest then lays down facing the right
11:36 Dad stands, still facing the right, and looks around. Wonder where DT is?
11:41 Zoomer moves in closer on the nest. Dad seems pretty peaceful, just looking around at the world outside the nest. Wonder if DT is close by
11:46 Dad lays back down facing the front
11:53 Zoomer moves in close on dad...more eye candy
12:00 Dad rises, Zoomer pulls the cam back. Dad at the back of the nest in front of the love branch. He walks to the left side, hops on the branch, looks around then off he goes. Zoomer pulls the cam back
13:28 Nest still empty since dad's last visit
15:00 Looking at a still empty nest
16:35 DT appears on the love branch. Dad flies to the nest shortly after. Seconds later, DT makes her way down the love branch into the nest where dad is already doing nest work. DT picks around the left side sticks moving a few, dad looks at her. I'm sure he's thinking, "Woman, that's my ob. Stop already."
16:38 DT begins working at the back of the nest while dad continues at the nest front. She then moves back to the left side while dad watches out the front, looking like he's on guard duty
16:41 Dad lays down, DT on watch duty now looking all around outside the nest
16:46 Zoomer moves in closer on our pair. Sun glare from cam glass on DT....she's wearing some bling :lol:
16:50 DT's bling gone very fast actually but that's okay..she doesn't need it...she's beautiful just as she is
16:51 Zoomer focuses on DT
16:54 DT moves away from the spotlight, Zoomer pulls the cam back. Dad fluffing the nest
DT watching. Zoomer moves in closer again as dad continues to do nest work while DT hangs out at the back of the nest
16:58 Dad lays down again this time facing the left.
16:59 DT playing with sticks at the back. DARN!!!!! cam freeze..restart. Back again, she's till playing with the sticks and now dad involved. Wish I was able to get the whole video of the sticks at least partial video is better than none. Done playing with sticks, they stand and go back to watching

Video clip of stick action ... just click

17:06 DT giving dad a kiss. He walks to the back of the nest behind DT and both just stand looking around enjoying the peaceful time of day
17:11 Awesome closeup of our couple
17:12 Zoomer pulls the cam way back. DT stands up. Zoomer moves back in on the nest. Both eagles looking around
17:16 Dad looks at DT and she gives him the okay for another round of mating. He spreads his wings and mounts her. She looks up at him, they beak and then nookie. When finished, dad drops back down on the back side of the nest

Video clip of mating ... just click

17:19 DT starts picking around the nest, dad moves in and helps then she moves to the back while dad continues fluffing the nest then both rest again looking around the outside area of their nest
17:26 After their break, dad lays down in the nest facing the left
17:32 Zoomer moving in closer again on dad as he lays in the nest while DT stands at the back while DT stands guard duty
17:46 Zoomer pulls the cam back a little. DT still standing guard duty while dad continues to lay
18:10 As dad rises, DT looks at him then starts yelling and doing a menacing,vampirish like walk toward dad. They both look around then dad backs up to the left wall for a poop shot. He then walks around the nest checking out the nest material. DT backs up, puffs up and shakes then bends and picks at the sticks again

Video clip of DT's menacing looking walk ... just click

18:12 Dad lays back down facing the back. DT looks like she's not sure what she should be doing. She walks to the right side and looks down at dad then moves closer toward the front. She stops and turns to the right side, walks on the nest wall then bends and starts to pull on the sticks
18:14 She turns back toward the center of the nest, dad stands and both eagles doe a nest fluff
18:16 DT lays down pushing he chest into the nest but it's not quite right and stands up immediately. Dad and DT do a little more nest work
18:17 Night cam turned on. Dad walks to the left side. Zoomer pulls the cam back. Dad stands on the nest wall and dives off, Zoomer trying to follow him
18:19 Zoomer moves the cam back on the nest where DT is still just standing and looking out

Video clip of nest activity just before the male leaves - just click

18:33 The female tucks her head under her wings to sleep
19:32 DT wakes up and backs up to the front part of the nest edge, poo's the walks to the back of the nest and flies out to the love branch to perch around 17:35
20:36 DT preening around the brood patch area
21:00 Still perched on the love branch
21:02 DT stretches the whole right side of her body, dropping her leg below the branch with the wing stretch. So cute. Then back to preening
21:30 Still perched on the love branch
20:00 DT still perched and sleeping
21:30 She is still perched on the love branch
23:15 Okay...doesn't look like DT is in any hurry to lay an egg and she's been pretty quiet on the love branch either sleeping, watching or preening. She's awake now doing some stretched and preening but definitely NOT laying any eggs...at least not out there. Bedtime for me. Will check cam again in the middle of the night probably. If not, then in the morning. Night all

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2012 7:31 pm 
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18:16 male left DT settles in nest
18:30 nap time
19:30 up
19:34 to " love branch "
20:00 bed time for me

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