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Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagles • View topic - Thursday, March 15, 2012

Norfolk Botanical Garden Eagles

NESTI (Norfolk Eagle Support Team International)
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 Post subject: Thursday, March 15, 2012
PostPosted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 6:07 am 
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06:00 Dad laying awake in the nest facing around 730 while #4 sleeping on the back branch
06:14 Dad rises and moves to the back wall, #4 still sleeping with head tucked
06:15 Dad hops out on the branch in front of the love branch, vocalizing with his mate It
looks like they do a little billing (kissing) but she doesn't want more just yet, she tucks her head again
06:17 #4 not responding to him, he hops back down into the nest and begins refreshing the nes bowl. #4 looks up then hides her head again.....too early for her
06:19 Dad lays back down facing 11 oclock
06:34 #4 awake, looking around and some preening
06:41 Dad moves to the back of the nest, hops out on the love branch then to the front branch in front of #4. He then mounts her for mating. When finished he hops down to her right, she stays bowed down for several seconds then looks up

Video clip of mating ... just click

06:44 Both eagles begin calling out
06:45 Night cam turned off. Dad does his morning preening
07:00 Dad flies off...probably to the lumber yard, #4 watches then poop shot
07:02 Dad returns with nest grass and spreads it out a bit
07:07 After standing and looking out the front, dad walks to the back of the nest. #4 looks at him. Dad then flies back out again in the direction of the lumber yard. #4 drops down into the nest, checks it out then she moves back to the love branch
07:09 Dad returns with a stick landing not so graceful. Zoomer pans to the left quickly..must have accidently hit the cam control. While dad moves the stick to the left side, #4 drops back down into the nest helping dad with nestorations, moving sticks and fluffing the nest
07:13 Reese moves in closer on the eagles as #4 lays in the nest facing the left, dad head up looking out front
07:14 Dad biting and sharpening his beak on the tree branch

Video clip of dad biting and rubbing on tree branch ... just click

07:14 #4 rise, walks to the back then hops back on the love branch, does some preening
07:16 Dad walk to the back nest wall, looks out toward the right and flies off heading back to the lumber yard
07:18 Dad returns with another stick, walks around the nest looking for the right spot. He places it on the left, picks it up and places it just a little further out on the left wall, #4 preening again
07:20 Dad moves out to stand next to #4 on the love branch. Zoomer moves in closer
07:23 Moving in closer on the pair as dad continues to preen
07:24 Looks like a little billing again...but hard to tell
07:25 Zoomer moves in closer...this cam is amazing. Dad vocalizes and mounts #4 again....maybe a better mating this time around now that everyone is really awake. You know another video clip coming. Dad hops down on her right with finished


Video clip of 2nd mating ... just click

07:27 Dad flies off while his mate watches. She flies out seconds later
07:29 Reese pulls the cam back
07:46 Dad returns to the nest, a quick check then hops out on the left branch then flies off
07:49 Dad returns again, looks like with a fish this time. He begins eating
07:54 Dad flies out the left side
09:09 Dad returns, think empty handed, to the nest and just looks out the right side
09:11 Dad steps up on the 1 oclock branch trying to break the stick then moves to the wall messing with one of the stick trying to get things just perfect. I think he has OCD....the stick was fine before, it fit and it worked but no...dad had to do a little change. He then just stands around, looking out then looking back at the nest then looking out again. It's a cycle

Video clip of dad and stick work ... just click

09:28 After doing his work, dad decides to take a break. He lays down facing 8 oclock, enjoying the sunshine and peace
10:10 Dad rises and moves to the back wall. He looks up then moves back into the nest as #4 comes in from the front and lands on the front branch. Dad begins nest clean
10:11 #4 moves to the nest
10:13 #4 moves to the front nest rim while dad continues fluffing the nest bowl. He lays down facing the right a minute later
10:16 Both eagles fly off
11:55 Nest still empty

Rose wrote:
male returns looks around
14:16 then digs in nest -- eats something he had buried ?? YUCK
14:19 to branch
14:29 flew left


19:49 #4 perched on the love branch
20:14 Cam down....at least for me

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