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PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:55 pm 

January 10 update
Thanks to Dr. Miranda’s heavy-duty protective bumpers on NX, the veterinary team still hasn’t had to catch-up NX in her outdoor enclosure. She continues to eat well.
wcv has 2 photos of her in her cage. Its good to see her! :)
Boy does she look po'd in one of them! CLICK ON the pics to enlarge.

*WCV Amanda gave me permission to use WCV photos
Critter cam Wildlife Center of Virginia hospital for wildlife

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 Post subject: Re: NX UPDATES - WCV
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:10 am 
January 16, 2012 TODAY is NX BIG DAY! - Let's hope!
NX is scheduled for another set of radiographs on Monday, January 16. Pending satisfactory radiographs, she will then be moved into a flight pen.
Photos here. Amanda gives me permission to post WCV photos, but I am told they are not appreciated on this blog site. :(

I go only to 'view active topics' here - as do some others.
It seems each NX or zoomer nest update dont need separate threads.
It seems logical to me to have one thread with the updates.

 Post subject: Re: NX UPDATES
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:06 pm 
January 16 update
NX came into the Wildlife Center hospital today for another set of radiographs. Dr. Miranda is pleased by how well the avulsion fracture is healing – the little chunk of fractured bone continues to reattach itself. NX’s range of motion in her injured wing is good, and no additional changes were spotted on the head of her humerus [a potential concern on the December 20 radiographs].

Since the Center is currently housing three mature Bald Eagles in each of its A-pens, some “eagle shuffling” will need to be done in order to get NX into a large flight pen.
The rehabilitation and vet staff will be working on that Tuesday January 17, and plan on moving NX into A2 if all goes well.

NX is currently weighing in at 4.45 kg [a 450 gram gain since her December admission date], though the staff expect to see that weight decrease once she becomes more active again in a flight pen!

 Post subject: Re: NX UPDATES - WCV
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 5:17 pm 
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shepherd wrote:
It seems each NX or zoomer nest update dont need separate threads.
It seems logical to me to have one thread with the updates.

The NX thing was brought up a while ago because I noticed two different forums and two different people posting in them. It was decided to just let them be because hopefully one will go away once she's released...yet again.

As far as the nest's been this way since the forum was started and we aren't fixing what isn't broke. I'd rather sift through separate topics concerning the nest activities rather than scroll through one entire topic searching for a specific day of activity. Each topic is usally started with the date...much easier to find things that way. ;)

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 Post subject: Re: NX UPDATES
PostPosted: Mon Jan 16, 2012 6:41 pm 
off the blog....
5.40 pm - Amanda Nicholson, WCV: NX is moving to A2, as we said in the update. A lot of juggling first ... and determining how to best meet the needs of ALL eagles.

So our girl will be in a flight pen .. it appears tomorrow if all goes well.

 Post subject: Re: NX UPDATES
PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 2:57 pm 

NX BACK ON LIVE WEBCAM January 19th . :D :D

 Post subject: Re: NX JANUARY UPDATES
PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:37 am 
I still like seeing NX RECAP. Click link for screen caps

Jan 20, 2012

I saw her wingercize! It was so good to see her!
She seems to be taking very good care of her wings.
I posted a closeup of her on the swing on my thread here.

Jan 21, 2012
I saw her while it was barely light today . wingercizing . and looking WET.
She must be enjoying the rain.
I got a scap of her. WCV has bumpers on her wings for protection, and secures them with duck tape. (needs eagle tape!)
Nixy stretched out her wings as she faced away from us, turned s l o w l y - like a large airplane, til she faced us, and showed off her bumpers ..

Jan 22, 2012 Sunday
Mostly Cloudy. High 39F. Low 31F. Wind: E at 5 mph. Humidity: 72%. Chance of Precipitation: 20%. Mainly Cloudy. A few peeks of sunshine possible.
Winds light and variable. Tonight: A few showers after midnight. Patchy freezing drizzle possible late. Sunrise: 7:28 am. Sunset: 5:27 pm.
NX has been very playful this morning
I was watching when she flapped to the mallet.
She has a lot of white tail feathers - when she fans it you can see.

Jan 23, 2012

Jan 25, 2012
4.30 pm she was on the near perch, looking like a general with her shoulder pads.
See the snakeskin on the floor? WCV Amanda said its for "enhancement" from their wildlife repertoir. ewww

January 26, 2012 NX at WCV
She was off cam most of today
FEEDING TIME late afternoon, WCV staff put HUGE rat on Aperch .....
Hmmm .. what is THAT down there? :?: Think I will investigate ..
She poked at it and poked again, then just knocked it on the floor and flew back up to her perch. lol :lol:
norfolkeagles webSite was down all afternoon

Jan 27, 2012
I first saw her today down on Aperch, then she flew up to cam perch,
did wingercises several times, she is soaked and loves it!
turning around on perch with wings out she reminds me of a big plane turning on the tarmack

11.00 NX was doing some kind of stomp, a wild and crazy eagle dance on the floor.
Fascinating! (as Spok would say) :geek:
She jumped up and down, flapping her wings. It could have been a simple wingercize,
but it was the spot where the huge rat was, which she had knocked off the Aperch onto the floor the day before.
I dont think she ever ate it, and the WCV girl came in later and took it.
NX just watched her as she entered the pen, walked past NX on the Aperch, took the rat and began to exit.
NX chased her! Run-flapping across the floor! The eagle chased the human!
I SAW IT - or I would not believe it. HEY! Gimme back my rat!

If any of you understand this behavior, please post here.
I DO NOT believe it was mantling - which was Darcie at WCV's guess. (I am not qualified to 2nd guess WCV.)

PostPosted: Sun Jan 29, 2012 9:11 am 
January 29, 2012 Sunday NX at WCV
6.15 am too dark to see a thing
6.51 I can finally see the mallet and the outline of NX facing us on cam perch
Then she went behind cam out of view

Mr Ed please go tell NX she isnt allowed to hide

Ed Clark, WCV
You can't tell her anything!!! She's a DIVA!

2.11 pm - NX has just hung out on the rear Aframe whenever I went to view her.
Too far away for a decent screen cap. I did see her perch on a log way back there.
I DO NOT see her fly - as I would describe flying. At the near A frame she aims up at the cam swing perch and jumps, very little wing action.

2.50 pm - NX is still on the rear A frame, hanging out in the sun which hits there

3.20 pm Watched NX eat something on the floor, jump into tub - drink - then walk-flap back to rear A frame and climb up and sit there.

4.12 pm I FINALLY see NX back on her swing perch near the cam. I havent seen her here since early this morning
Took one screen cap but it was too poor to save

Tomorrow - Monday - WCV will catch up NX for an exam. She appears to have chewed her wing guards.
I am eager to see that report. (I didnt say worried)

Critter cam Wildlife Center of Virginia hospital for wildlife

PostPosted: Mon Jan 30, 2012 8:27 am 
January 30, 2012 Monday
7.30 am NX out of view. Today WCV catches her for an exam.

Jan 30, 2012 10:22 am
Amanda Nicholson, WCV blog
Dr. M wanted to try NX without her bumpers for a bit to see if she started flying MORE,
since she really hasn't been overly active
If she starts being goofy and is TOO active and bumping those wrists, bumpers will go back on.

sheri posted screen captures

4.45 pm
dancer posted a video of the WCV staff catching NX and weighing her today. ...

After they released her to fly to the back of the pen ... :lol: :lol: she dropt to the floor and went after them! :o :lol: :lol: :lol:
Way to go Miss feisty! I bout died laughing out loud. :!:

January 30 update by Amanda, WCV
NX was caught up today for a bi-weekly foot and feather check and weigh-in.
Dr. Miranda also inspected NX’s tattered bumpers and opted to remove them for the time being
while observing how NX gets around in the flight pen.
The veterinary team report that NX’s current weight is 4.25 kg, and feet are in good condition.
Cam viewers may have noticed that NX is still missing one of the feathers on her left wing that she was missing back in August 2011 – feather #9.
Feather #6 on her left wing is also broken (noted by the veterinary team weeks ago),
but feather #8, which was broken in August, is new.

The next foot and feather check will be on February 13.
The veterinary team will also take another set of radiographs then, just to check on the healing progress of NX’s injured shoulder.
Copy-paste from official WCV page

PostPosted: Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:57 pm 
January 31 NX at WCV
WCV vets did a foot and feather check Jan 30 and removed her wing guards
They also raised her perchs a bit

9.45 am NX is just hanging out on the rear swing perch. Im sure she'd need to fly a little bit to get up there

12:04 noon Rub a dub dub - NX a-flappin in the tub!
Its MY tub and I flap if I want to! Its GREAT having those wing guards OFF at last!

12.45 pm NX is drying her wings on rear A perch, its not worth a screen shot, too far, too dark
Dancelady said she got NX bath time today
This is the Jan 31 detail link

I actually SAW NX FLY from cam swing all across to the back Aperch. She flew clearly above the floor!

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