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PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 5:12 am 
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03:50 DT still perched on the love branch, head tucked. Last night she was plucking a bit more around the brood patch section, we'll see if she continues that behavior today
05;15 Dad already in the nest. Guess he showed up early today. Laying down, facing 7 oclock, DT stlll asleep on the love branch
05:33 Dad rises, turns to the back, fluffs a little then turns back toward the front to fluff the nest again. He then turns back toward the left and resettles in facing still around 7 oclock. DT stretches, dropping her left leg below the branch, some preening in the brood patch area
05:35 Dad rises again and turns to face the back. He preens a little then does over a 360 degree turn and starts picking through the nest material. He turns again to face the right, a little nest picking then finally decides to re-settle back down facing about 6:30. Got dizzy watching dad going around in circles like that . DT still preening in the brood patch area
06:05 Both awake, just not quite ready to do anything
06:11 Dad stands then stretches and turns toward the love branch. After looking around, he walks to the back of the nest, looks around more. DT does another body stretch. Dad turns back to the nest and begins cleaning. DT looks around a little then preens again in brood patch area, scratches the side of her fead with her foot then continues watching out toward the left
06:14 Dad turns toward the left again and lays back down picking at the nest grass around him
06:17 DT puffs and shakes. Dad rises and moves to the back. DT begins walking down the love branch. Dad moves back to the center and begins another nest clean as DT hops down and helps
06:19 Dad makes his way to the back the fly hops to the love branch. DT calls out. Zoomer pulls the cam back. Dad walks further out on the love branch, does a 360 turn again, (what's with all the turning today). DT then settles into the nest facing the left while dad preens. DT's wings up a bit while she laying
06:23 Night cam turned off, dad still preening
06:28 DT stands and flufsf in the nest bowl, her too fluffing in a circle then stop facing the back of the nest. Dad just watches her
06:31 DT walks to the back of the nest, looks down, then to the left and right then the front. She turns and walks to the front, steps on the nest wall. Looks like she wants to fly
06:33 She walks to the left side and flies off, dad quickly follows.
06:38 Dad returns with nest grass and places it on the left front side. He picks up a stick and moves it to the front. He picks up another stick and moves in front of the love branch but that's not quite right either so he picks it up again and places on the right side
06:39 He moves to around the 2 oclock position to adjust another stick. He keeps this up and the walls of the nest will be so tall that we won't be able to see the eagles
06:41 He's still messing with that one stick at the 2 oclock area. He just can't seem to get it where he wants it. He then preens...starting to see a little more down feathers now in the nest..hopefully that is good news and signs of soon coming egg
06:43 Looks like he's cleaning his beak or sharpening it on the tree trunk, that or trying to pick stuff off of it. Maybe finding a lot of ants marching around the tree trunk. Maybe the chat room ants are making their way up to the nest. :lol: :lol:
06:44 Zoomer moves in closer to better watch dad's actions. Figures..he stops with the tree and decides to just look around

Video clip of above stick action ... just click

06:55 He moves to the left side and flies out. Zoomer pulls the cam back
08:00 Nest empty. Nothing like yesterday morning's action. Dad only returned once today with nest grass. Will have to wait and see if he brings in more stick later
08:47 DT returns to the nest landing on one leg. She's an acrobat...woohoo. She checks the nest, then lays down facing the front
08:48 Zoomer moves in a little closer on her while she sits on the nest waiting. DT suddenly sees movement, raising her head up high and keeping her eyes on, hopefully, dad. She leans forward then he looks up, his head turning toward the right and back as he watches DT (no sign of beging upset at all so....) flying around the nest tree to come in from the back. DT ducks as he lands on the nest. She reaches over and grabs the fish that he brought in. She takes the fish over to the left side to eat while dad does more house cleaning

Video clip ... just click

08:53 After DT is finished and both eagles stand looking around for several seconds, she cleans her beak on the left branch rubbing it back and forth
08:54 Dad walks into the nest bowl and checks it out then both eagles go back to just looking out and chilling on the nest
08:57 Zoomer moves in a little closer on the nest
08:59 Dad walks over to DT standing on the left. He looks at her, she gives him permission and they mate. He hops back down on her right side then seconds later moves out on the love branch. Zoomer pulls the cam back, dad flies off

Video clip of mating ... just click

09:07 Dad returns to the nest with a fish, DT still focused looking the left side. Dad places the fish on the left side then moves back near the nest bowl
09:09 He begins some nest bowl cleaning. DT then walks into the left side side of the nest bowl while dad works on the sticks around the 2 oclock tree trunk
09:11 DT then shifts and settles facing around 10:30, her butt up in the air
09:14 Zoomer moves in a little closer
09:15 Dad walks over to the back then a minute later he flies to the love branch. Zoomer pulls the cam way back. Dad flies out a minute later
09:20 A white dot suddently appears on the lower left side of the cam as dad flies in toward the nest where he lands on a lower branch outside the nest. He then branch hops as he goes to lower branch on the back side of the nest then to the love branch and finally into the nest

Video clip of dad's branch hop game ... just click

09:21 After landing, dad starts messing with the sticks on the right side
09:22 Video interrupted dad moving sticks to the left side then the front then both eagles decided to just stand around a little taking in the outside view
09:24 Dad moves to the nest bowl to do more refreshing, then stands and looks around again, a little more nest bowl fluff and 5 minutes later he moves to stand on the back nest wall. DT standing the right side
09:33 Both eagles still in the same place
09:35 Dad moves out to the love branch then flies off in the direction of the statuary vista. DT still standing on the right side
09:38 Dad returns with a stick and walks around the nest finding the right spot. He first places it in front of the 2 oclock tree trunk but not good enough there. He picks it up then places it in front of the 7 oclock tree trunk then both hang around again
09:42 Dad moves to the right side, DT scootches over to the front ( oh yeah, another video clip)

Video clips of DT ... just click

09:47 Dad moves back into the nest bowl checking things out and doing more cleaning
09:57 After all that cleaning and checking things out, dad moves to the left side and flies off again. DT still hanging out around the 4 oclock area
10:25 DT still in the same place, patiently watching and waiting. She's really hanging around the nest a long time today...maybe this is the say we will have an egg
10:37 Dad returns to the nest from the front carrying in more nest grass. DT joins him in the nest as he spread the grass around the nest bow area
10:40 DT moves into the bowl then faces left and settles down
10:45 Dad moves out to the love branch
10:50 Dad flies off in the direction of the lumber yard again
10:53 Dad back with another stick and places it on the right side
10:54 He moves out on the left side branch then flies off
11:06 DT lifting her head up, checking out the action outside the nest. Thought at first maybe dad returning but so far he hasn't
11:37 Cam timed out as Zoomer was moving in closer. Back again and Zoomer still moving in closer. Zoomer giving us more awesome looks at DT
11:40 DT stands, Zoomer pulls the cam back. She moves out of the nest bowl then backs up to the nest wall to relieve herself
11:42 She walks across the nest and hops out on the love branch. Zoomer follows her. He zooms in closer. Her crop is FULL
11:45 Zoomer moves in closer giving us a great view of her bulging crop
11:49 Water drop on the end of her beak
11:50 Get to see her nictitating membrane covering her eyes
11:51 Preening on her back
11:52 A few more screen captures just because she's gorgeous
12:04 Guess I got a little carried away with the caps....sorry. Anywho....Zoomer pulls the cam way back
12:08 DT walks down the love branch into the nest. She stands on the left side for several seconds then walks to the front, looks out then flies off
12:11 Zoomer moves the cam back in on the nest
12:59 Nest still empty. Sure thought with DT spending so much time at the nest, that maybe this would be the day. (Sigh), oh well, still time
12:20 Rain storm coming in. It's cool that we can watch it as it happens
13:28 The outer cam glass getting pretty wet now as the rain pours down
13:58 The rain is passing by and we can see the background trees now
14:09 Zoomer taking control of the cam taking us on a tour looking for the eagle where they sometimes perch in the 2004 or 2008 nest trees
14:13 Back at the nest now, after not seeing any eagles or old nests. Where the cam is placed in the tree, it blocks or view of the old nest trees

Video clip ... lets go on a tour ... just click

15:05 Dad returns to the nest, looks around it, pulls on some nest grass. Yuck...all wet. He walks to the back and stands around waiting. Bet he's not in any hurry to stick his head in all that wet grass and stuff...I know I wouldn't be
15:08 Dad moves out on the love branch then out of our view as Zoomer not around
15:33 Eagles still glass still has a couple of water not in a great place but hopefully will dry before any action in the nest
16:01 Zoomer does another pan...still no eagles
16:29 Zoomer pulls the cam back a little
17:45 Still no eagle visits. They will be coming in soon though...getting late
18:02 Night cam turned on
18:04 DT lands on the nest coming in from the left, walks into the nest bowl. She stands watching out the right side..maybe waiting for dad to come home
18:09 Dad comes into the nest from the front. Both eagles vocalizing. Something bothering them
18:10 DT walks to the back and moves to the love branch still vocalizing. Dad walks to the back, he too vocalizes and they look and around. He suddenly flies off in the direction of the statuary vista. Could be an owl flying around. DT moves further out on the love branch still facing the left
18:15 Dad returns and does a nest fluff
18:15 Dad walks to the back of the nest then moves out on the love branch on DT's left
18:22 After spending a few minutes on the love branch with DT, they beak and preen then dad flies off
20:00 DT still perched on the love branch. No IR light yet
22:00 DT awake but still on the love branch. Time is running out for her to lay the egg. Very rare for egg to hatch in April for the Norfolk eagles
23:00 DT somewhat awake and seems to be very comfortable on the love branch. Maybe next time I check sometime during the night, she'll be in the nest. As for me, bed time. Night all

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 29, 2012 6:13 am 
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Good mornng DeeJay - love the frogs.... very appropriate.

Couldn't sleep so been watching since 3 am. Dad flew in at 4:48 on opposite side of next from Love Branch where DT has been perched.

Have a good day


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